The Boy in 7 Billion

A British mom just published a 500 page book recounting her son’s journey into medical marijuana and defeating cancer. “The Boy in 7 Billion”, by Mirror Books, tells the story of how a 10 year old boy, actually, beat 2 deadly cancers with the help of weed.

We heard the story before. Kid gets cancer, doctors don’t know what to do; parents in panic. Almost left with no hope, parents turn to pot without doctor’s knowledge. Kid gets better and doctors are left confused. 

In this case, Deryn Blackwell, now 17, had become addicted to painkillers and could barely eat when his parents decided to try a different approach. “The doctors had said there was nothing more they could do,” says his mom Callie. 

It was so bad, the kid even told his mom he was ready to go. Completely desperate, they started to contemplate the idea of cannabis. After a lot of research, Callie and husband, Simon, were locked on the weed thing. Things were not that easy. The couple had to find a large quantity dealer and moonshine RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) in a crockpot.

After a couple of months, Deryn started to show an increase in his health conditions. And now, almost 7 years after his death sentence, the teenager lives a normal life and is getting ready to go to college. “I’m not here to say cannabis can cure cancer or is a miracle drug”, wonders  Callie, “but it really helped my son”. 

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